Sometimes, you chase a dream. Convince yourself that an imposibility is more than just that. You’d like to dream of that “What if”, think about events past and paths never taken. Hope for a future that’s nothing but a fairytale.

Its not worth it. You know it, yet can’t let it go. Confusion, conflict and self loathing are your companions. Your friends, you know them by name. They’re always with you and they’ll never let you go.

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  • Okay, I know nothing about Dido’s music, and not much about Sarah Brightman, but the Saliva song is not a moody piece… okay it is, but not by much.

    And Eminem’s Lose Yourself is more an angry piece than anything else. Listen to his Sing For the Moment for potentially moody piece, or straight to Dream On by Aerosmith.

    I can’t help you with Aqua. You’re on your own there.

  • Sometimes, you feel a combination of conflicting emotions regarding a certain situation and you find that disparate songs like “White Flag” and “Lose Yourself” both relate. At least that’s the way I am.

    I haven’t heard either “Sing” or “Dream On”. When I get the chance, I’ll listen…