Horrible Day


Today has, by far, been one of the most disconcerting days of my time here. I would like to vent but I can’t.

Now, there’s absolutely nothing more frustrating than wanting to relieve your anger/tension and being unable to. You end up bottling everything inside and you can feel it festering, growing and becoming just that much more potent.

I have a suspicion that just about everything is going to put me on edge today…


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  • I had a day like that in my last work term. I promised something to a team member AND to a client, and then found out it couldn’t be done with the technical limitations. I had made assumptions without checking them. I dissapointed my team member, and to a degree the client. But time goes on, and it worked out. The client merely forgot about the project, my team member was glad they forgot about the project (and we’re still friends to this day) and all was good! Just think back to the beach in Mexico, when Allister woke up (provided you were near him).

  • How about telling us about your Mexico visit? Pick up any steroids while you were there? ;)

  • Aight Scott, I’ll write about that tonight :-)

    Well Paul, I’m still feeling the ramifications of yesterday today. If anything the situation today is worse off…

  • Sorry to hijack your discussion thread Allen, but I remind you that I am going to be in San Deigo airport at 4:30 pm this Saturday, and you haven’t given me any contact info yet! :)