I’d said I was going to write about Mexico yesterday and I fully planned on it. Unfortunately (or fortunately – whichever way you look at it) I ended up going to watch Spiderman 2 instead and didn’t come home till 2:00AM.

Since I need to get up at 6:00AM you can imagine why I didn’t write anything at that time :-)


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  • Awwww… you have to work today? Sucks to be you ;) And what did you think of the best movie this year so far? And also the best superhero movie ever?


    It _does_ suck to be me, believe it or not.

    I enjoyed the movie a lot Paul! I don’t know if its the best movie of this year, but I did think that it was the best superhero movie I’ve seen. But then again, Spiderman and Batman are _my_ personal favorites among superheros.

    I noticed that the special effects were done much better this time… For example, Spidey doesn’t look like a plastic toy so much anymore.

    Questions were brought up though:

    1) Does MJ know about Peter Parker/Spiderman being the same person so soon?
    2) Does Peter actually tell Aunt Mae the truth about what happened to Uncle Ben?
    3) Apparently according to Penny Arcade they laid the groundwork for movies 3, 4 and 5. I don’t understand. I only saw the future Hobgoblin – no one else. Are there some future villains I’m missing?

  • That’s no excuse, Allen! ;)

    Well, I wasn’t planning on seeing SM2 since I didn’t enjoy the first one all that much, but all the positive reviews are changing my mind.

    What time do you start work? I start at 7:00 so getting up at 6:00 has become my norm.

    I also had to work today because our holidays are more streamlined with US holidays. And the good part is….3 day weekend!

  • Hey Scott,

    I didn’t enjoy the first movie that much either. I found too much ‘missing’ with it. I honestly find the second a lot better…

    I try to start work everyday @ 7:45. Realistically I roll into work at 7:55 each day.

    So, the question is: where does that extra hour go?

    – Making my lunch(es)
    – Biking in + locking bike etc.
    – Getting my breakfast
    – Packing all my stuff away

    I end up using my mornings for a lot…

    Yeah – a three day weekend rocks! And Paul will be over too :-)


    Allen, you might see some of this spill into the Spidey 2 review I’m gonna write for my blog. I’m gonna see it again tomorrow I think, and write then.

    1) In the comics, Mary Jane and Peter don’t even know about eachother till after Spidey has gone through 2 or 3 girlfriends, one of which is the secretary who processes his paychecks at the Daily Bugle….
    UNLESS, you go with the revamped comics, when he tells her VERY early, like when they’re still in high school.

    2) Yes she does get told… to an extent… not in as many details as in the movie, but in a way so that Peter says he blames himself, but then it happenned differently in the comics, in such a way that Aunt May actually blames herself more.

    3) Future Hobgoblin/Green Goblin. Technically, in the comics, Harry becomes the third Green Goblin (the second being a petty thief really), with the Hobgoblin actually being about 3 other people… and it gets rather complicated at that point. But it makes sense that Harry would become the Hobgoblin, just to keep things different. Also, the moment his prof mentioned his name (Dr. Curt Connors) I immediately checked to see if he was missing an arm… and he was… In the comics, Dr. Curt Connors tries an experiment using reptile DNA to let him grow his arm back, much like how reptiles can grow missing limbs back. Of course, things go wrong, and he mutants into a giant lizard-man called… The Lizard. Yeah, not an original name, but suprisingly, no one had taken it before this character. So he could potentially appear in a later movie as a villain.

    PLUS, the astronaut, John Jameson, the editors son, goes into space, in the comics, and comes back with a weird crystal thing that turns him into a Man-Wolf (werewolf) and that’s another villain right there.

    PLUS, in the comicbook world, there’s only one rule about dead characters: Uncle Ben stays dead. Any other character can come back from the dead. And pretty much every dead comicbook character has come back at least once if they’ve died at all… except Uncle Ben. Even Aunt May came back from the dead. So did Mary Jane. And Norman Osborn, the green goblin. So far, Harry Osborn hasn’t come back from the dead, but he still might.

    Doctor Octopus came back from the dead once, so he could in the movies too. Doesn’t look like they recovered a body, did they?

    The reason Uncle Ben stays dead, is because if he comes back, then Spidey’s whole guilt about his death would more or less vanish.