Deep Anger


It looks as if we are about to get fucked by our prospective landlord.

This makes me very, very angry and I’m left was a sense of deep betrayal. As a result, I’m going to have to start the housing hunt again I believe.


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  • We’re not fucked yet. Counting down the hours until tomorrow…

    (Lubing up just in case, wouldn’t be a bad idea though)

  • Well at least it was followed up with some good stuff… literally within an hour of calling the first crazy lady, we got a chance to view that second place, of course… I’ll give everyone a heads up on how it went later tonight. If I email by 9:30-10:00PM, then it went very well, if not, that means I went to the SLC after being horribly dissapointed to look at more housing postings.

    Like applying for a job without co-op helping, I’m becoming an expert at this multihouse searching bidness… but again, Allen, you scored with that find… so far… it could be a follow up to the lube using we had yesterday

  • Well, I’m having a little trouble following along here. Who got fucked? And how?

    Paul, are you applying for jobs outside of co-op for January? How is it going? I had been thinking of doing the same nearer the end of the summer.

  • Hey Scott,

    Basically, we thought we had a house (because of what the landlady said). Turns out she wasn’t allowed to lease it because the current tenants had expressed an interest in renting again.

    So…based on her “Yes” we spun our wheels for a week or so. We _could_ have been out looking for another place, but obviously weren’t…


  • We _did_ get a place though.

    I haven’t started any searching yet, but that’s because I haven’t decided if I’m going to return yet.