Farenheit 9/11


Some movies are cursed.

And this is one of them. We’ve tried to watch this movie at least 5 times and have met with massive obstacles/failures every time. First, the closest theater doesn’t even play it, Mike watched it separately and couldn’t give us a drive, I came late, Justin came late, we were often unable to make showings (cause we planned too late) – you get the idea.

We should have taken that as a sign.

At any rate, yesterday we tried to make the 9:40 showing at a little independent theater about 10 minutes from where live. Unfortunately Justin only showed up at 9:20 ~ 9:25 and the cab took 10 minutes to arrive, so, by that time it was obvious that we’d never make it.

Allister and I suggested Harold & Kumar, but hearing Justin’s reaction it was obvious that he was dead set of F 9/11. So…we did what we had to do. We asked the cabbie to take us to Mission Valley.

Oh man.

$30 cab ride later, it was obvious that this would be ‘one of those days’. It would now cost us $27.50 to watch Farenheit 9/11?!! ($10/person/1way for the cab ride + $7.50 for the ticket). There was no way that movie was worth that much.

When we got there Justin realized that:

  • He didn’t have his movie watcher’s card
  • He had no cash/credit cards

He attempted to sign up for a movie watcher’s card and let’s just say that he tried to make it much, much more complicated than it had to be.

Now, I should mention that our cabbie, on learning what movie we were going to watch, sang high praises and exalted Michael Moore as a ‘genius’.

Excuse me?

Consumate filmmaker maybe, but ‘genius’? I do have a good idea though of why his reaction was such…

The movie itself was…enh. Let’s just say that it wasn’t worth $27.50 at all. I found it highly biased and there were spots that I was positive that Michael Moore distorted the facts. (I mean come on people – Iraq was not an idyllic paradise before the coalition – not that it’s one after either). I walked away feeling highly dissatisfied and almost…cheated. Yeah – that’s exactly it – cheated. I felt as if I’d wasted my money. I don’t know ‘what’ exactly I was expecting – but it wasn’t that. For some reason the movie felt cheap and I could almost feel Moore deceiving me by the second.

The best done segment (IMO) was the WTC bombing segment. Instead of showing footage immediately, Moore relies on a black screen and audio from the event. He lets us remember 9/11. It was much, much more powerful that way and I thought it was very well done.

Finally, a little thought to leave you with:
59 Deceits in Farenheit 911

I haven’t checked out who Dave Kopel is, his affiliation or his trustworthiness, nor have I checked out the veracity of his information, but this is an interesting look at the ‘other side’ of the story.

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