Harold and Kumar


Like the F 9/11 entry, although I’m nominally writing this entry on Friday (12 something AM) I consider it a Thursday entry. As I once told SCV, I don’t consider a day over until I’ve gone to sleep.

Hmm…I wonder what that made Saturday/Sunday during the SF trip ;-)

Truthfully, I really enjoyed Harold and Kumar. It kept me laughing quite a bit throughout the movie. A combination of factors really… For one, I could relate to a some of the stereotypes that have been portrayed. And secondly…I don’t know… Perhaps in some ways it reminded me of my interactions with friends, maybe I just ‘got’ the humor, maybe I just empathized.

At any rate, as Mike can corroborate, I was laughing a fair bit through the movie – which is odd considering I disliked Starsky & Hutch, Old School et. al. Oh – and if anyone says that Zoolander is an awesome movie – I will beat them.

Some of the humor is odd indeed (a part with a cheetah comes into mind) but it seems…I don’t know…appropriate. I can say one thing though – a lot of people were laughing in that theater :)

Oh – and I am a coconut. Haha.


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  • H&K is a great film.

    Zoolander, albeit not as good as H&K, is an AWESOME movie too. And I will beat you for not liking it :)

  • Try using my nifty – though, it still has errors – search engine on my blog to search for my original posts about F9/11.

    I don’t know how anyone could not like it. You’d hate Dodgeball then, or Anchorman. But Zoolander was the funniest movie I saw that year :)

    “Welcome to the wonderful world, of deveduh” from the DVD. I love that DVD. In fact, I think I’ll have to watch it 24/7 in that house of ours in the fall ;)