Spades Til’ 6


So, obviously I didn’t write an entry for Friday. I plead laziness. There’s not much I can say beyond that other than: “Don’t fall into the same trap I did.”

So, Mike’s brother Greg decided to take a few days off work and flew down to enjoy the ‘beauties’ of San Diego. And that left three. Those three being Allen, Allister and Justin.

Now, being as none of us has a car, this left us in the lurch. On a Friday night, carless, low on cash, we had only one option…

Look forward to Scott and Andy from work showing up @ our place :-)

Scott and Andy are two other interns who are currently working at Qualcomm. Scott’s a University of Madison student, while Andy’s a Harvard…engineer (go figure). At any rate, I’ve always enjoyed their company a lot and on hearing that this would be Scott’s last weekend in San Diego, I looked forward to their showing up. Somewhere between 9 ~ 10 they both showed up and while I crashed on my bed, Allister, Justin, Imran (Scott’s friend) and the two of them amused themselves on the XBox. At around 12AM, realizing that my sleepiness could be directly attributed to a lack of food, I levered myself out of bed and made myself a midnight meal.

Following this, the 6 of us played 6-person Spades till 6AM in the morning. No, we didn’t go out. No, we didn’t drink. No, we didn’t party. But we had a really fun time. I think, sometimes, that we underestimate the power and the enjoyment we can derive from the really simple things in life. You know, like talking and laughing while playing a card game… One thing that has to be said about Scott is that he really enjoys making new card games/rules on the fly. I’ve got to agree with his view that you can get a great amount of enjoyment from trying to put together a new strategy simply because of the variation…

There’s one disadvantage to playing cards however – and this was brought up by Octavian. Once the cards are in our hands, our conversation focuses on the gameplay almost exclusively. There’s little incentive on our parts to increase the field of conversation, to discuss other topics, you know… I thinkit’s because we are all (to a degree) competitive, and it does take a certain amount of effort to watch the cards being played, keep track of them and plan your strategy. Besides, if you want to keep the games going fast, conversation on other topics doesn’t help…

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