Little Mr. Piggy


<raises hand>Right here! And in a few paragraphs, you’ll know why.

Well, it feels like the weekend’s over. I’m not sure what to attribute this to, other than some sort of error in the time-processing elements of my mind.

Or maybe, just maybe, I realize that I’ve two weeks left to go. In a strange way I’m looking forward to/yet dreading the imminent Waterloo term. After 3 months here in San Diego, I want to leave, yet I know that the moment I do, I will miss it.

It’s interesting for me to note that my 3rd year in university – the 3A term, my work term and the upcoming 3B term will be the most interconnected terms I’ve ever had. I know that sounds surprising, almost…non-intuitive. But you must understand that till my 3A term, I was very good at ‘letting it all go’. I’d leave the detritus of my life at Waterloo/work term behind. I’d leave the loose ends, the regrets, the failures, everything. I’d treat each term as a new one – a complete break with the past.

I couldn’t do that this term.

If you saw me now, you’d see a man with a confused, pensive expression. Part of me really wants to say that I’m better off now – that its good for me to have to deal with continuity. Another, deeper, more negative side relishes the thought of a clean slate every term. <shakes head> Maybe the food from the cookout’s making me more reflective than usual…

Oh right! Tangents aside, why did I refer to myself as Mr. Piggy? Well, today was the ‘great cookout’! Being as it was Scott’s last weekend, Andy threw a cookout on Crown Point with Scott, Neil, Scott’s cousin and the Trifecta (Allen, Allister and Justin). Needless to say, good times were had by all and given the ample amount of food, we gorged ourself to excesses unheard of. With treats ranging from sugar, pecan and peanut butter cookies to Italian and chipotele sausages to meat and veggie burgers, trust me, we had every junk-food base covered. I missed out on the 8-person game of Spades being played by the moonlight and the light of the bonfires adjacent to us. Why? Well, let’s just say I was co-chef/host along with Andy – a role I must admit I enjoyed :-)

At any rate, I ate tons…which is probably a Very Bad Thing (TM). Which is why the Mr. Piggy moniker comes into play.

What did we do afterwards? Never fear, when we’re around, cards are near… Hah. Although the plans were to wile away the time between getting thrown out of Crown Point (10PM) to the time at which we’d go to a bar for Marissa’s 21st (12PM) by playing Spades, we kinda…umm…overshot that target. By about 2 hours. At 2AM, realizing that we had missed meeting Marissa and last call, we decided to call it a night and head home to our respective beds.

All except me. I’m thinking, pondering and writing. A stream of consciousness and another day in the life of…


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