Out of the loop…


I guess I’ve been out of the loop for the past few days. Here’s some of the most important info:

  • Allister left this morning. I’ll be leaving as of Thursday night.
  • I’ve been doing some preliminary cleaning/packing. Today, for example, I cut up almost all the large boxes and stacked them for recycling. I’ve also emptied out a good amount of the cupboards and figured out the food situation. Got rid of all the change and am now in the process of doing every load of laundry I can get away with
  • I’m gonna be so broke next term… This is what happens when you spend all of your money here ;-) Kids, learn from me and stay away from malls, restaurants etc., etc.
  • I haven’t gone to Sea World. Doesn’t look like I will anytime soon.
  • I feel strangely incomplete. I think its the half packed situation I’m in right now. I feel like I need to pack everything right now. Like I’ll scream if I don’t. No, I don’t understand it either.

Hope y’all are having fun out there….


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  • Know the feeling.

    I have one week left and can’t imagine having anymore than that. I know that when looking back on this term and the hours I put in I’ll wonder how the hell I did it.

    I can’t wait to move back home.

  • Riiiight, this was Scott’s time AWAY from home. Yeah, I still have one week left… and I’m gonna miss this term to an extent. I’m gonna enjoy my two weeks off, but I’ll miss working, as I had a lot of fun. BUT, I’ll be raking in the dough by working this week, and ideally be puting the maz amount of overtime in to cash in best I can before ending the term ;)

  • They really don’t encourage overtime in my department. Besides, I won’t be racking in the overtime for this last week.

    I think, by far, this term has been my most expensive term. Come to think of it, this 3rd year will have been my most expensive year and the reprecussions will definitely be felt next year as well.

  • Yeah, I keep forgetting that Scott’s away from home during this job.

    Actually, this is the first time _I’ve_ been away from home during a coop term. Umm…yeah…having to pay for housing sucks.

  • Don’t get me wrong; living on my own (well, with my best bud who moved down here with me) was a great experience, but 4 months in the summer was enough and I’m ready to go back.

    Out of curiousity, how much do you guys spend on food/groceries per week? I’ve heard people in our class say they spend upwards of $100, yet I’ve spent an average of $30 per week. Either the people I spoke with eat like monsters or just incredibly well; that still seems quite high. But this is the first time I’ve had to buy my own food so I don’t know what’s typical.

  • Rob and I jointly spent about $170 at the beginning of the term to stock up, then another $100 halfway, and then some scattered purchases, but overall I’d say $500 on groceries per term tops, even split… but I stock up on non-perishables before heading out… and pasta is hellah cheap

  • Hey Scott,

    I’m not sure if you can use my purchases as a guideline. The type of food I buy tends to be much more pricy than ‘normal’ food.

    i.e. I try as much as possible to eat healthy/low-calorie/organic etc. items. Which means I get screwed on prices ;-)

    Umm…but that being said, I’ve _never_ spent $100 a week on food. Probably close to 150 ~200 or so a month (and I’m overestimating)

  • Oh…there’s one caveat Scott.

    Are we counting eating out expenses? Because if that’s the case, then yeah, I can see how people can easily spend $100 a week.