“Tell me where you are..”


“Where you’re sleeping at night
 Tell me who do you…”

Ah… Here’s a question. What do:

have in common?

Give up? It’s a list of stuff that I bought yesterday. Here’s a piece of advice – if you’re looking for a good pair of earphones the above listed Panasonics are a steal at the price. Good bass, excellent volume and an ability to faithfully reproduce the wide range I’ve got on this machine leave me quite happy (and listening to Ago – Tell Me Where You Are). Dammit, now I wish I had an iPod!

Oh yes! In other (very important) news, Reiser 4 was released today! Ever since I read about the capabilities that Reiser 4 can enable, I’ve been slavering to see it hit the light of day. Now plugins….

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  • Heh, you coulda asked to borrow Kavalier and Clay… of COURSE I’d have it, considering the topic matter. I bought it the moment it was out – first printing – and later, after it won the pullitzer for fiction, wrote a paper about it for high school. I met Michael Chabon – also the writer of Wonder Boys, which was made into the movie, and the original script for Spidey 2 – at the San D comic con when I was there. Nice enough guy, but he didn’t like how they did the Wonder Boys movie. He’s also writing a screenplay for the K&C movie, and wrote a comicbook version of the comic they create in the novel.

    Tell me what you think about it, cause I LOVED the stuff up until… well, I won’t spoil, but after that, it really goes downhill. I’ll bring the Golden Age Superman book to Waterloo so you can see exactly what they’re talking about when they mention Shuster and Siegel.