Back At Last


Well…in the words of Staind “It’s Been A While…”

Almost a month in fact I’d say. It’s been a month since I last posted in my blog (hosted on my personal computer).


My site is a MT 2.661 blog hosted on a Debian Linux box running Apache 2.0.x. Approximately 20 some odd days ago, I moved from San Diego back to Brampton. I stayed there for a period of around 2 weeks. Now, during my time there, I essentially ‘didn’t have a room’.

I kid you not.

My parents had just moved and in the room I was supposed to stay in, there was minimal furniture. Which meant (of all things) that I had to park my computer downstairs. This meant no internet access. Yes siree bob. That does suck. I took the opportunity to clean out my system, install a new version of my dual boot OS et. al. but my server wasn’t up.

Since moving to Waterloo (oh…around a week ago) I have been occupied with other stuff. Work term reports, personal issues…you know the drill. I’m attempting to maintain a sense of humor about it though :-) To be honest however, it is frustrating. I’ve been unable to properly set up Dynamic DNS from my registrar with DDClient, my packages are out of date and I have this irresistible urge to…’clean’. In other words just totally hose my system and transition to a new one.

This entire period of time has bought one point into sharp focus.

I need a server.

It’s frustrating to use my personal computer as a server. For example, playing games, which would require a dual boot must be eschewed because I’ve got to keep the server in mind.


I think, that maybe for this term I’ll simply write my entries in blogger. The one big advantage is that it’s hosted elsewhere so I don’t have to care. Not to mention that the simple interface really helps. Then, when I get a laptop (who knows when) I’ll transition to a WordPress install on my personal server.

Or maybe I’ll do that next week ;-)

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