Broken Resolutions


I think it’s sad to note that I’m [checks watch] 1 week into the term and I feel behind already. Perhaps that’s a truism in Waterloo CompEng – each subsequent term ramps up faster than the previous one.

Unlike last term, I was gunning to sleep everyday before midnight. Obviously, tonight I didn’t quite make that. A combination of blog setup and the 380 pre-lab. OTOH, I was done my work term report very early on and submitted it today. Good riddance. That document is the bane of my life. 30 some odd pages that no one will ever read after today. In my darker moments I’m convinced its a cruel joke played on us by the ECE department – their way of confirming that we’re not all ESL students in the offing.

Before I started the pre-lab, I took the opportunity to grab a quick ( and grainy ;-) ) shot of my room in its glory. I think the one thing I miss the most in here is adequate closet space. That, and a towel rack. It’s not ideal to have to use that ‘thing’ in the foreground.

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It’s not as warm as it looks…

In my conversations with Allister I’ve often mentioned my fondness for ‘yellow’ light. You know, the kind that you associate with incandescents. I’ve always found them softer, more appealing, more relaxing… Fluorescent light bulbs remind me too much of workplaces and there’s a sterility to them that takes away from a home. I don’t think I would ever be able to truly relax in a fluorescent lighted environment.


A week in and already I’m hoping that I’ll survive…

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