Gunboat Diplomat – Terminal Musings


Gunboat Diplomat – Terminal Musings

Today, I signed up for off-site hosting and installed WordPress 1.2. Spent quite a bit of time today and managed to import all my old entries into WordPress…

The past is back.

Well, sometimes we wish the past was no longer around to haunt us – but that’s a story for another day.

At any rate, I have a variety of house keeping to do.

  • Fix up the stylesheet I’m using
  • Look into the possibility of using the Blogger stylesheet (with appropriate acknowledgement)
  • Import all Blogger entries
  • Fix up my link at the side
  • Include ATOM feeds for comments and index
  • Fix the permalink structure

Whoa…the guys opposite us are blasting their stereo so loudly I can hear it vibrate the walls here.

See, the thing is, I really like Blogger right now. It makes a lot of things easy – the site redesign by Adaptive Path is responsible for that. It makes blogging very much painless, has good integration (for photos) with Hello and it looks good. Yeah – aesthetics matter.

At any rate, there’s no longer a 2 year void.

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