Coop Redux


I envy those who’ve found a niche or a path they know is their’s to take. My immediate future, goals and aspirations – indeed where I see myself are clouded.

Unlike my colleagues who interned with me at Qualcomm over the summer, I have chosen – for multiple reasons – not to return to San Diego. I do this conscious of the fact that I am effectively turning my back on an opportunity denied most people. Imagine the pressure.

No. Really. Try imagine.

A job at Qualcomm offers advantages above and beyond that of most organizations. So, its been somewhat hard for people to understand how I can ‘give it up’. Perhaps they think I’m imbued with a sense of irresponsibility.

No matter. My first coop posting ends today. 370 jobs to sift through and I’ve chosen around 11 for my application short list. The process of elimination begins early. You have to read through the individual descriptions, read between the lines and infer what the company really wants you to do. Match that as closely as you can with what you want to do.

You’ll end up with a short list of jobs.

Then continue the pruning process again until you’ve come to some sort of acceptable middle ground of jobs that you’d like. Tweak your resume for grammar, spelling and then off it goes…

It’s a lot more time consuming than it sounds.

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