Blue Mood


Blue Mood
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As the description indicates, I took this photo during my last few hours in Canada prior to my term @ Qualcomm.

Building: Eaton’s Centre
Exact: Basement Food Court
Activity: Waiting for Geoff & Barry

[shakes head]

It seems so long ago. I can remember the sequence of events for that day, the thoughts and emotions that ran through my mind, what occupied me, what troubled me, what I enjoyed. Not “as if it were yesterday” but clearly enough.

This is one of a set of 3 pictures that was taken at this location on that day. Today, as I was cleaning out my life, I realized that these three pictures were still on my camera. You now know the fate of this one – but the other two? [shrugs]

I think the most unusual event for the day occured on our way to dinner. Shortly after the two arrived we decided on a place to eat. I can’t remember the name, but it was an Italian restaurant reputed to have some of the best pasta in Toronto. We arrived at this restaurant to find it packed and without seating. They asked us to consider their alternate location on John St. Normally, this wouldn’t be a concern, but during our trek it had started to pour. A veritable deluge indeed.

We ended up going to Milestones since we couldn’t find the alternate location.

Now I can hear the gears churning… “Where’s the memorable part?” you ask.

I’d heard some unhappiness mentioned by a member of our party. I can’t remember exactly what was said, but I do know what I did as a result. After arriving at Milestones, I asked the maitre’d for directions to the nearest place where they sold umbrellas. Then, ducking back out into the pouring rain, I made my way there (stopping for directions again along the way).

I remember the store clearly. As if it were yesterday :-) Walked in, and all the umbrellas were behind the clerk at the counter. Tossed down some cash at the clerk and departed with an umbrella. The run back was hellish. My shoes got even more soaked than they were previously and by the time I made it into Milestones I was distinctly uncomfortable. Gave the individual the umbrella. I figured they needed it much more than I did.

I think this photo is the only thing I have left from that day…

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