Down For The Count


The somewhat tongue-in-cheek title of this post belies the attitude underlying it as I write.

I’m experiencing a general ’emotional malaise’ right now. I hesitate to use the word depression since in some way I feel that cheapens its import. Although not as bad as previous instances, its a struggle right now to keep a lid on my mind. I feel that if I stop doing something, anything, I could start sliding down a very slippery slope. This is one of the most disconcerting states of mind to be in and I fervently wish for its passing.

I remember reading, both in the Globe And Mail and The National Post (hey, it was the only newspaper in SLC) that writing, unlike previously surmised, does not help you conquer depression/sadness/’down’ emotions. On the contrary, a significant percentage of writers could be classified as having some form of depression. (Causation vs. correlation anyone?)

No one’s quite sure if, in general, people who experience emotional turmoil write more, or whether writing feeds emotional turmoil, by placing on paper a physical record of how ‘down’ you feel. Either way, the results weren’t uplifting.

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