This Glass Is Empty

This Glass Is Empty
This Glass Is Empty

A glass sits on a table, its only contents a few inches of water. An optimist, on seeing this, remarks “That glass is half full”. The pessimist, hearing this comment, peers over and counters “On the contrary, that glass is half empty”.

Sometimes, you wish you had a “Pause” button in life. Reserved for those moments you’d like to capture, like raindrops in mid-flight. Moments where every clock tick is grudged, the sound belying the impermanence of the experience. When you want to savor, to absorb. When you sit, back to the wall and just are. Times when circumstances collide, intersect, create a bubble of solitude, of simple existence. So unlike your life. When every action, or inaction, no matter how minute, breathes volumes of comfort. For those instants before the raindrops hit the ground where you approach…abandon. You’d like a “Pause” button, so you can truly live that moment, experience it.

Without thinking of its ending.
Without acknowledging its transitory nature.
Without having to consider the future.

My glass is empty. I understand. I accept this. I rely on this light to lead me, to light my path.

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