Sand In My Shoes


As an aside, doing a quick search for the lyrics of Dido – Sand In My Shoes illustrates some of the problems with how information disseminates over the Internet. Of 6 sites that I checked, 5 had identical incomplete lyrics – right down to the “??”. It was only in the final site that I hit paydirt.

I guess that’s the future of information – one or two individuals do the legwork, everyone else links or copies it. That’s understandable, but it does bring into question the validity of the data.

That being said…

I’ve always liked Dido’s music and unlike others I know, I find her voice appealing. I think however, that the biggest draw for me is not the quality of her vocals, but the lyrics themselves. At various points in my life I’ve found myself drawn to a specific song – a song that closely vocalizes my mood, my feelings on situations. Perhaps its because she sings about those generic, all-encompassing human situations that we seem to get into.

Oh – I don’t claim that her songs match exactly, but they get pretty close.

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