Taking That Shot


Lately I’ve been (attempting) to take photos while accompanied by friends/acquiantances/people I know. You’d assume that wouldn’t be a challenge – after all, these are individuals who won’t be overly critical of your photographic attempts.

Unfortunately, that’s not quite the case. In fact, I find myself even more self conscious around them. I’m afraid of wasting their time. I’m not a hot-shot photographer who can instantly evaluate a scene and understand how best to frame it. I’m still learning. It takes me a long time to approach a ‘subject’ from different angles, to take photo after photo, squint at the LCD, judge the exposure level – and try again. I make plenty of mistakes. It takes me time to judge and to dredge up what I’ve read about tone, lighting and more. To top it all off, when taking night shots, or low light shots, I’ve got to be extremely careful (without a tripod).

All of this takes time – and when you’re with another person and they’ve got places to be, it can be uncomfortable to know (and to have to remind yourself) that you’ve gotta ‘move along’. I remember feeling somewhat disappointed that I was delaying an individual I was walking with last Friday while taking low-light shots. Without a tripod and at the noisy, noisy, noisy ISO 400 images that the SD 100 takes, most of the images were non-starters.


I need a tripod.

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