Man, Oh Man…


A little bird told me that today would bring about some ‘changes’.

Why do you keep tempting me?

Also, if you’re a U2 fan and are looking to buy an iPod, word has it that Apple will be shipping a black (hmm…) iPod bundled with a few U2 songs from iTunes for a $30 USD premium over the current iPod. Just a rumor.

On the iBook side: Airport Extreme is now standard on all models. 12″ iBooks now have a 1.2GHz processor. System bus still putters along @ 133 MHz (Yech). Price dropped by $100USD. If you check out the Canadian Apple Ed Store, the 12″ now sells for $1249 CDN before tax.

On the G5 tower side: There’s a new single processor model with a 1.8GHz G5 selling for $1849 CDN. 3 free PCI slots et. al. The price of the new iMac with the upgradability you want/need ;-)

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