Shout Out

I’ve been very lax in this, so I’ll remedy this now:

To everyone I know both at the University of Waterloo and UWO, good luck on your midterms! If you’re going through the co-op process here, I hope that you get the job that you truly want. Choose the job that you feel that you’ll be comfortable at. You’ll perform better and in the long run – that’s what matters. Always keep in mind the personality of the people you’ll work with since that too makes a difference.

Oh yes – I had that vanilla bean latte. It’s (obviously) a latte with a flavor shot of vanilla and hazelnut – so vanilla syrup and hazelnut syrup. If you’re going to get it be forewarned – it can be very sweet – so cut down on the syrup if you’d like. $2 for a small, marginally more for a medium and so on.

The simple pleasures in life… Something as innocuous as sitting down @ Second Cup with my pita and latte and taking a timeout. Consciously slowing down as I read the newspaper. I must have looked quite the anomaly actually – suit jacket on the seat, dressed up for interviews – contemplating the latest news on crude, what George Smitherman was doing to hospitals and more. It was all very – different. I felt removed from the world around me.

Oh yes – and I’m quite excited about the design project idea that Paul, Allister and I discussed today. Now we just have to drum up support for it and make it happen.

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