So…I’m right in the midst of midterm season. Exactly one week from now I’ll have completed all my midterms. Let’s just say I eagerly await that day.

Unfortunately, till then I have (left) 4 midterms to go through. One of these midterms is ECE 318 – descendent of the infamous ECE 316 – a course my class spectacularly crashed in. Looks like we’re due for a sequel. It’s somewhat more challenging for me. A side effect of co-op has been that I’ve missed a lot of class – something I desperately wanted to avoid this term. The results are not pretty.

That explains why I’m now looking at my ECE 427 notes going “Oh my…I don’t feel ready.” It’s going to be an incredibly interesting 1.5 hours tonight.

Hold fast. It’s going to be rough.

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