Blinken Lites

Blinken Lites
Blinken Lites

I’ve been periodically putting this entry off. And why not? After all, I’m essentially in the process of learning everything I missed over the last few weeks in as short a timeframe as possible.

But, to continue on…

“Blinken Lites” is a photograph of the digital alarm clock next to my bed. Interestingly enough, it was taken @ 7:1xAM one particularly gloomy morning. Yes – that clock is about 40 some odd minutes off. It turns out that the blinds in my room are particularly old and long ago, gave up the ghost. It’s actually impossible for me to get them to open up and let light into the room. Its highly amusing, since in some dark recess of my mind I can see myself, condemned. A “prison without bars” in Waterloo.

The clock’s never been set either – which explains the blurry reflection in the dresser surface. The display blinks with its standard “Pay. Attention. I. Am. Not. Set.” timing. Second on, second off. I’m not sure why I’ve left it that way – and no, its not laziness. As a general rule, my timepieces are all within a minute of each other. Perhaps I like doing mental gymnastics during my frequent mid-night wakeups. Perhaps it’s the fact that there’s one clock in my veritable collection that remains defiantly different.

Maybe its neither. Whichever option, 1 hour to go.

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