Off To Psych


The 101 exam’s in approx. 1.5 hours. Here’s hoping that I actually encoded what I read for speedy retrieval during the exam.

Yeah. It’s a day for poor taste.

Like everyone in our house I’m rapidly suffering study fatigue. So, I took the opportunity during the 15 minutes I allocated for dinner to check up on the latest news.

Lo and behold!

  • A black, expensive U2 iPod
  • A (slightly) chunkier, even more expensive photo iPod
  • A new ‘iPod Store’
  • iTunes is coming to Canada in November

The computer line is definitely looking anorexic and ignored next to the cash-cow iPods. What do you mean those iBooks/Powerbooks are still using sub-200Mhz system buses, Radeon 9200/GeForce 5200 Go (low enders) and 4200 RPM HDDs?

Note: As of the time I was posting this, Apple Canada’s site was down. Slashdotted…or being updated?

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