Can you feel it? The tension in this house has lifted by orders of magnitude.

318’s over.

It’s odd. Just below my radar I can feel this undercurrent, this unspoken sense of inevitability avoided. We’ve received a (temporary) reprieve. Five guys who were for the past few days deeply engrossed in books, eating too little, too poorly, studying till 1:00 AM or longer – have all broken loose. We still have a midterm left, but we’ll take our hour of enjoyment while we can.

Paul, Rob and Matt and downstairs watching the Sox in the 4th game of the World Series while enjoying their pasta and meat sauce. If all goes well, I’ll put aside my dislike of baseball and join them at around the 7th/8th inning. After all, even I’ve heard of the curse of the Bambino! Allister ordered in 2 meat lovers’. Something about pizza and Rome: Total War go so well together.

And me?

[crooked grin]

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