The Saga Continues


Perhaps it’ll become my midterm tradition. Post something about Professor Elmasry.

At any rate, to avoid that oft-discussed curse of biased reporting, I’m here to continue the ongoing Elmasry tale. Elmasry apologized for this comments, stating to the CIC:

I sincerely apologize for the way I expressed myself last week on The Michael Coren Show and I offer my resignation

The resignation was rejected. He still remains head of the CIC – which is at this moment, defending its choice and his credibility. He went on to clarify

It has always been a core belief of mine that killing civilians — any civilians, for any cause — is an immoral act of the worst kind and I will never change in this conviction. Failing to articulate my beliefs clearly, completely and forcefully on that occasion, was the biggest mistake in my 30 years of public life,

[shakes head]

Forgive and forget? I’m not quite sure. I’m really interested in picking up a copy of The Michael Coren Show now and seeing Professor Elmasry’s comments in context. Based on what I’ve read however, I’m inclined to disbelieve the above. If Professor Elmasry intended those comments not to be taken as personal views, why didn’t he indicate so at that time? This is someone who’s articulate in English and it’s unlikely he simply ‘misunderstood’ the implication of his words.

Honestly, it seems like he’s desperately trying to save his skin and his actions are consistent with that. Ignore it at first. Then apologize a little and see if that’s enough to stem the reaction. Oops – didn’t work. Then try the full blown method.

Or am I being too harsh?

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