I see.


Well. That was…disappointing.

Ah, its hard writing about this since in my conversation I rely heavily on pauses, nuances and general body language to convey my mood. Unfortunately, the written word is in my hands, too blunt an instrument.

I’m starting to believe that the spoken word isn’t my forte either.


I suppose in a way I was being selfish. I had a good idea as to the eventual outcome yet I chose to ignore it. I could have accepted the situation; smiling, I could have followed my own advice and made the best of it.

But I resisted.


Just disappointed I guess. A let down – for at least part of the night. Maybe this doesn’t help either. It’s just rehashing the same thing over again. Don’t want to do that again.

In fact – must really stop doing that. I know, I know. It gets tedious.

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