What The…


Oh right.

We got an extra hour over the course of the night. Surprisingly (or not) it didn’t affect me in the least. I’ve been sleeping extremely badly as of late but yesterday, perhaps from a combination of:

  • An extremely comfortable bed
  • More food than usual
  • The fact that I’d been awake for 43 hours

I ended up passing out at 11:30 while reading. I woke up exactly 6.5 hours later. No – I’m not kidding. As in exactly 6AM.

I can’t sleep after I get up so, ignoring the real time I decided to occupy myself in other ways. Well – more like catching up with the world. The computer’s in use by everyone else for the majority of the day, so early morning’s the most uninterrupted time I have.


[horror] Sharing a computer? What have I come back to? :-)

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