I woke up briefly at about 3:30AM. I’d left my window open, allowing the temperature to drop to a comfortable 19 degrees. Outside, the raindrops – descent arrested by the roof, leaves and deck played their calming rhythm. Diffuse light threw a weak illumination on the yard and in the dimly reflective pools the water rippled, raindrop after raindrop marring the surface. The rain relegated to background noise – silence. Pervasive silence. Intangible, yet corporeal, real. The stillness in the air expanded, its tendrils searching, snaking their way into the room.

I watched. The act of concentrating on this, the most mundane of events, relegated my headache into the background.

Alone with my thoughts. A very interesting place to be; an unusual time to experience. There’s a lot that’s never said, conclusions drawn – never voiced, decisions made – never articulated, a thousand fragments roling in my mind. Disparate events examined and connections forged. An interesting place to be.

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