Wonder how you arrive at the strongest, most lasting decisions.

Was it those points where you actually sat back and said “This is what has to be done”? I’m not sure that’s always the case for me at least.

Sometimes you don’t forcefully arrive at a decision. Instead, you know there’s something vaguely wrong with the way your life is structured. With the choices, activities and more you’ve chosen to pursue, value or associate with.

Don’t say a word.

Muddle through your life. Let it sit on the back burner. Maybe the symptoms pop out in your actions once every so often – but let it go. Then one day you wake up and you’re undefinably different. Something’s changed. It seems so small – no histronics, grand declarations or scenes. You think differently, act differently, feel differently. You’re ‘you’ but not the ‘you’ of yesterday. You move through your life and things feel a little odd. Uncharacterisctically you don’t want to clarify your thoughts. Perhaps a feeling that the sheer act of doing so would render whatever wisp of action that exists ephemeral. Don’t jinx it.

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