I think the one thing I miss the most whenever I stay at Waterloo are newspapers. It’s such a little thing I know – but so crucial. For as long as I can remember my family has always subscribed to multiple newspapers, magazines et. al. It’s ridiculous just how quickly newsprint accumulates at our house – but what’s even more surprising is how much is read each day. We go through a lot.

Globe & Mail, The Toronto Star, Time, IEEE Spectrum, ACM Computer, various MechEng publications, occasional issues of Harpers, Atlantic Monthly, Macleans and more…

Wow. That’s a lot.

At any rate, when I went back recently I picked up a copy of IdeA&S, a publication of the Arts & Science faculty @ U of T. The entire issue is focused on the issue of ‘natural cities’ and reinventing Toronto. I’m running through it as much as time permits. Which is pretty slowly I guess. After all, as usual we have a massive amount of stuff due (checks watch) tomorrow.

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