It’s somewhat morbid that people should be discussing Yasser Arafat’s burial site prior to his death. I suppose its logical though – considering that he would have wanted a Jerusalem burial.

That option’s going to be the source of a lot of problems…

Courtesy of my conversation with Rob (Thanks!):

  • Did you know that the university is probably the biggest landowner in Waterloo? The campus lands are huge.
  • That the ESA is pumping huge amounts of money into space exploration?
  • The coop building is widely considered one of the most poorly designed structures in the Tri-City area?
  • That the university has a master plan detailing where they plan to construct new buildings?
  • Carleton is on the Rideau Canal? (Sue me – I didn’t know this)

All in all for multiple reasons a much better Friday than anticipated so far. And now to continue with my previous plan…

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