Locked Out

Locked Out
Locked Out

It’s the key to one of the CEIT building elevators.

Taking photos like this poses a ‘package’ of problems – two technical, one human (me) related.

  • At ISO 50, its too hard for me to get a clear image under the lighting @ CEIT. I have this problem with 99% of the indoor photographs I attempt. In purchasing my next camera, indoor performance will be the most crucial criteria I consider.
  • Low light autofocus is spotty at best. Again, something to keep in mind for the next camera.
  • With these two factors in mind, I have to hold the camera steady to photograph with reasonable clarity. I can’t. Whenever I try this, my arms start shaking.

I’ll have to investigate if I can use the flash on objects that are reflective and its effect on the photograph… If successful, that could counter the technical issues.

On a side note:

Taking photographs can be very embarassing. For example, while standing at the elevators taking this photograph I was laughed at by two girls. Or should I say ‘snickered at’. I try not to let it bother me.

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