Friday Nights


I’ve loved Friday nights ever since moving to Canada. I’m not alone in this of course – almost everyone views a Friday night as fun, a night during which they’re free to drop the worries, the nagging problems and accumulated detritus of the week. It’s a night that I accept no work will be done. A ‘throwaway’ night in other words.

Would I be much more caught up if I stopped this? Probably.
Should I do it? Maybe.
Will I do it today? Unlikely :-)

But I will consider it.

Perhaps what makes it doubly appealing is the anticipation – especially if you’ve made plans. You know the feeling. The clock’s winding down hour by hour and as it gets closer to the end of the day, you want out. There’s stuff to do, places to be and you want to shake the prof/TA and say “I want to get out of here! Don’t you?! End this now!”

It never happens of course.

It helps too that Friday night’s the first one of the weekend. You truly enjoy it because you can (ahem) delude yourself and say that Saturday you’ll work the entire day away ;-) After all, there’s no harm in using Friday up – there are a whole two days for the weekend remaining. No worries! Saturday nights can be a little clouded, especially if you know you’ve got a huge amount of work for the following day. And Sundays are the worst of all – the week starts over tomorrow and you’ve got a ton of catch-up to do.


But today’s Friday and I can look forward to reading the next Imprint and trying my hand at both the Jumble and the Crossword. Then the night is open and who knows what will happen!

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