I Need A Kiddie Leash


So…I forget things. No, no – not ideas, conversations and other ‘stuff’ in that vein – but physical items. If a possession isn’t physically attached to me then my chances of misplacing it must certainly triple. I can imagine a great counter in the sky: “Looks like Allen took his gloves off again. Oh! didn’t attach them to himself. Increase chance of losing by 300%!” Which is what happened last night. I must have put down my gloves somewhere – maybe a seat, or the floor when Allister, Kurt and I were loitering – because when I got back, my gloves were no longer with me.

Well somebody’s hands will be a lot warmer.

Ah, these things happen. It’s part of life. Maybe I should consider those utterly demeaning kiddie leashes (No kids – you’re safe from me – I’ll never use those) to put on items that I know I’ll have to remove and put down. That would be a sight.

I just about busted a gut when Paul asked for a Shirley Temple and the waiter asked him how many cherries he wanted :-) But – if you like something – go for it. No regrets.

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