I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with pizzas. Although one of my favorite foods, they’re one of the unhealthiest as well. This poses a severe problem since I have to balance out my health and cravings.

[looks at previous words]

What a travesty…

At any rate, I’ve eaten my share of greasy, greasy pizzas. The worst I’ve ever had was the Chicago-style deep-dish @ Giordano’s in Chicago. Tasty? Absolutely. Healthy? Not unless you consider a 2″ cheese stuffed pie a balanced diet. Thick-crust pan pizza @ BJ’s in San Diego comes second on the list. The crust is awesome, the toppings substantial and you can practically see your waistline expand. As far as pizza chains go I’d rate Pizza Hut as the next in line; they spray their crusts with oil. Spray.

And then…Pizza Pizza.

I’m surprised too.

Pizza Pizza usually makes the specialty pizzas that tempt me. I’ve always enjoyed trying new combinations and new tastes, so changes like whole-wheat crust, bruschetta/pesto/sweet chili sauce and unique toppings are welcome. Off-putting to some, I enjoy the experience. Sure, sometimes I may not enjoy the pizza, but its worth it since I’m more accepting of different tastes and combinations. Next time I may like it a little more, who knows.

To date I’ve tried the Pesto Amore and the Sweet Chili Chicken pizzas. Verdict? Both were greasy as heck, with the Sweet Chili Chicken blowing into the stratosphere entirely. I’m not sure exactly why, but my suspicions center on the cheese.

Mental note: Start asking for “Easy on the cheese”

I was extremely surprised on noticing that a standard pizza seems a whole lot less oily. Why is that? A substantially thicker crust maybe? While a standard pizza has a crust that’s approximately 0.5″ thick, a thin-crust pizza clocks in at around 1/2 to a 1/3 that height. Does more oil soak through as a result? Another possibility is that the cooks, on noticing the thin-crust ‘compensate’ by loading up on the cheese. I wonder if that’s the case.

Right now, it’s come to the point where I’m eating the pizza ’cause it’s paid for. I want to enjoy it, but the thought that every bite is bulge inducing freaks me out.

This…fear…is unnatural. Not to mention unhealthy.

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