Camera Lust


I have a severe case of camera lust ;-)

Unfortunately, I also have a severe lack of cash. This impedes my ability to satisfy my cravings.

Ah well, I can always dream right? Besides, I’ll have plenty of time to work on my photographic/writing skills in the intervening months – or years. I have so much left to improve on…it’s crazy.

Models that I’m interested in include the:

Sony DSC-V717 (the 828 is…iffy)
Olympus C-8080WZ
Canon Powershot G6
Canon EOS-D300
Nikon D-70 (with the lens kit, it’s ridiculously expensive though)

I’m determined to wait Apple out until they release a laptop I’ll feel comfortable buying. Determined. Sometimes, I’ll be willing to give up a lot if I think it’s good for me in the long run…

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