Sit Back. Relax.


There’s something extremely gratifying about being able to say “I’m done”. Perhaps this feeling is more pronounced in my case, but I’ve always preferred a…conclusion. A point at which I can draw a line and say: “This ended here”.

Earlier this week I didn’t know if we’d meet our internal goals for the 427 project in time for the weekend. That worried me. I’d wanted to free up the entire weekend and I knew I wouldn’t enjoy it if I’d left ‘unfinished’ business behind. As late as yesterday afternoon the situation looked bleak.

And then…yes. Then it happened.

In ECE 355 I had a revelation. Staring through the 12 sheets of VHDL and completely ignoring what was being said, I realized I could optimize away quite a few registers and logic. The more code I wrote down, the more I was absolutely convinced it could work. It had to happen.

Thankfully Paul was there with his laptop. Literally seizing it from his hands, I proceeded to write the code as fast as I could.

Meeting the target was…wow. Don’t know why I was so fired up either. Thinking back, I attribute it to something I saw. A way I could make a difference. I felt this way during OS and I felt it again yesterday.

I wonder why I don’t feel that way about my work more often.

Thankfully however, I can now enjoy the weekend knowing that I’m not leaving while our group is in the lurch. Now, to finish off 318 and take a look at what Sartre’s theories are. I’ve left that too long.

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