That title should be followed by “and headaches”

I’ve had the most frustrating time getting contacts. 3 months and at least 4~5 test pairs later and I’m only now at the point where it’s almost right.

Almost – except for the unexplicable headaches.

My first contacts were absolutely off. Point sources of light were haloed hexagons and anything other than bright light meant a squinting party for me. The headaches usually started within an hour of use.

My second pair was marginally better. The headaches didn’t start till later but I could see reasonably well indoors. That was a marked improvement.

My third pair had the power dialed down. When doing that unfortunately, they dialed it down too much for the left eye. I got consistent headaches again and had trouble focusing. That was especially noticeable when they took my eye test.

My current pair. Headaches start way into the usage period. That’s a plus. Most of the focus problems are gone. That’s a plus – although note I said most, not all. Maybe one more iteration and I’ll be good to go.

Till then Mr. Tylenol – you and I get to be good friends.

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