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I find it highly amusing that everytime I make it to Brampton I tell myself “I’ll go to sleep early”. Of course I never do. I’m usually up till 3 or 4 AM reading, writing or what not. Makes for a very unproductive weekend sometimes.

Now why Brampton and why now? I have a one word reply: exams. If like me, you’ve got your calender up, you’ll notice that there are exactly 21 days till the 18th. That’s right. 21 days until I walk out of Waterloo, a free man. Well, hopefully free and having passed all my exams. There’s nothing I enjoy more than the day I leave Waterloo and I can’t explain it fully. Unlike Paul and Rob, I dislike Waterloo intensely.

Come to think of it, I dislike most suburban neighbourhoods.

[reads paragraphs and frowns]

I’ve noticed that my writing’s moved towards the jumpy area of the spectrum recently. That’s “no good”.

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