Another Vice Bites The Dust


In a cruel twist of fate I now have to cut almost all caffeine from my diet.

I indulge in tea regularly, it being one of the few pleasures I’ve left in Waterloo. Serving as a quick, warm boost in the morning, a pick-me-up after a late night or a comfort drink, tea’s ‘one of those things’. You know. Something simple you know you’ll miss.

Coffee. Well. This term’s unusual because I’ve spent a lot more of coffee than the past 4 terms combined. The cause? Poor sleep and my resulting inability to stay awake during Prof. Gong’s abominable 318 lectures. I suppose I’m simply projecting my frustration at 318 on her… Either way, coffee used to be a conversation drink for me. Something I’d have while I talked to friends; I associated it with a relaxed, mellow, conversation-inducing aura. If I can knock off the 318-booster, then I’m pretty sure I can get away with the occasional hit.

Of course, the question is “Why?” The answer’s obvious; so blindingly obvious that I’m ashamed to have missed it. For someone who suffers from sleep ‘problems’ caffeine doesn’t exactly help the situation. Turns out I’m probably taking a wee bit too much for my system, thus a possible cause for my poor sleep patterns and other general system malfunctions.

I think I’m going to rue the words homeostatic system after this term is over. Rue them good.

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