Enough Is Enough


There was an extremely good article in Friday’s GlobeTechnology on the proliferation of under-used and poorly misunderstood features of digital cameras. I don’t think subscription is required.

Taking the cake as the most useless scene mode in existence is the Olympus Stylus 410’s Cuisine mode.

Excuse me? Cuisine?

How many times have you stared at your food and felt the sudden temptation to whip out your digital camera to take a photo?


Ok. Yeah. I’m guilty. But I sure wouldn’t use a cuisine mode.

For what it’s worth however, the white-balance setting is pretty important and I would definitely use both the Av and Tv modes if I had them on the SD100. On the other hand, the movie mode, 3-D effects (?!) and panorama modes are ones I don’t see myself using. I think however, that people should invest in a little time reading the manual – at least to understand how to modify basic features like resolution. But then again, I’m probably an anomaly in doing that too.

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