Fair Weather Contacts


Having worn my contacts for some time now, I think I’m qualified to make a few observations.

These are truly fair weather contacts. Outside, in most light conditions, my vision quality is great. My eyes feel fine, I have full peripheral vision, there’s no discomfort. As night advances however, that changes. Although my vision’s ‘ok’ it’s certainly not up to par with my glasses. Focusing takes longer and I’m conscious of some effort. Point sources can sometimes transform into hexagons. All in all though, it’s not a major issue and one that I’m willing to live with.

And then there’s the flip side of the coin. Inside. Where to start, where to start… My vision’s significantly worse inside – especially in poorly lit rooms or lecture halls. Point sources of light are almost always hexagonal, images can be blurry. Focusing requires constant, discernable effort on my part in these conditions and it’s definitely strainful. Looking at the monitor right now is weird because for some reason I’m squinting. I couldn’t say why…

Oh yeah. Dryness. They say that humidity indoors is much less than what you’d experience outdoors. I can personally vouch for that. I can also state that my eyes have to be the dryest of all the people I’ve talked to. I can’t believe that it’s the third time that my contacts have actually stuck to the underside of my eyelid as opposed to my eyeball surface. Bah! I’m having to use eyedrops constantly once I start using my contacts for extended periods of time…

Hmm. I wonder if this sounds somewhat incoherent. I chalk it up to lack of sleep.

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