It’s exam time again. Off the top of my head I can think of two – no, make that three – entries I’d like to write right now. I have too little time right now.


I’ve often wondered how ‘other people’ use their time and what gives them satisfaction. Right now I say I have ‘too little time’. Is that true? Or is that because I’ve used my time to read web-sites, slack off for a bit or what? Should I focus on using the time I have more effectively? For example, instead of writing, should I shift to working immediately on my 355 project? Instead of taking that 1/2 hour break where I read a few blogs, news-sites and other media – should I instead read about exposure and DOF? Should I try to cram as much into my life as possible? Make sure that there’s no wasted minute?

Would that make me feel happier about how I’ve spent my day?

I often end my day, a slight tinge of disappointment evident in my thoughts as I reflect on it. Nip those 15 minutes there, that 1/2 hour there, walk a bit faster over here and whoops…I just got an hour! That’s an hour I could be doing something with. Doing, as opposed to wasting.

I’d like to feel good about those days when I’ve nothing but work. Like to look back, smile and say:

“Now that was a day well spent.”

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