Today morning I woke up, dropped a bulb and looked at my calendar.


Huh? 16?

I stared again.

It didn’t change. And that’s when I realized. I’ve 16 days left in this term and in saying that, a visceral fear lodged itself in my stomach.


It’s still there…

I have 16 days left in which to relearn all my midterm material, understand all my new material and somehow make it through 5 exams. If I can successfully manage that I’ll…I’ll be done third year. Three years behind me; it’s all downhill from here.


[shakes head]

Every term I tell myself “This year it’ll be different. This year I’ll keep up with my work”. Every term I scramble madly at the end, hoping, begging for the pain to end quickly. Looks like it’ll be a picture perfect sequel this term too, which begs the question – “Why don’t I learn from this experience? Am I some sort of sick academic masochist that enjoys pain?”

Ok, I don’t have the answer to that one, but I’ll chalk it down to [cough]procrastination[cough]. Either way, I’m going to be supremely busy for the next two weeks.

[looks at pile of text books]

Really, really busy.

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