Photo Contest


I’ve talked to a number of people and we’ve all asked the same question: “Why was the starfish chosen as the Imprint photo contest winner?”. Perhaps it’s the quality of the printing or the paper, but my first palpable reaction was disappointment. I remember asking myself “Is this it?” and wondering what defined it as the ‘best’ picture of the top shots.

Of the photos shown, I’d have to say that I would have chosen the black and white by Franz Josef D. Sarmentio. The single biggest downside to that choice is the almost uniform blackness of the loiterer. I think it would have been better if only the face were shrouded, thus striking a greater contrast with the rest of his body. Also, while the second place finisher was appealing (the glacier), I think it could have done with a tighter crop.

But then again – what do I know? I didn’t even enter.

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