I wrote about the IBM/Lenovo rumors yesterday. So on that note, speculation seems to have eased somewhat with rumors now pointing to IBM acquiring a small stake in the newly formed entity and allowing Lenovo to use the “Think*” and IBM trademarks.

Hmm. Seems a bit risky but it sounds feasible.

Apple will be putting out an upgrade for its iPod Mini (4GB -> 5GB) early next year. That’s around the same timeframe it’s slated to release the much anticipated iPod Flash. Can’t get any definite lock on what the specs of this flash unit is though.

nVidia – that embattled graphics chip maker – has just inked a contract with Sony to supply the graphics chip for the latter’s next-gen console featuring the Cell processor. Finally! Looks like Sony’s coming to grips with the fact that it’s neither feasible nor smart to design every component themselves.

Toronto’s proposing a 3% tax hike. [frowns] I understand why they have to make such a move but, frankly, Toronto has some serious system problems and its starting to show pretty badly. If they want to be a world-class city something drastic has to happen. Attitudes and actions will have to change.

Doesn’t look like that’s happening anytime soon.

York Region (another bastion of sprawling suburbanism) is trying to revive its transit system with a new marketing campaign, 5-10 minute intervals during rush hours, GPS tracking, upgraded bus-stops with vending machines and bus monitors, intersection reconfiguration… Ok, you get the idea. The list goes on and on. I want to write about this later, but, this is what happens when municipalities build out without considering urban transit. At least York Region is trying.

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