Single Digits


As of today morning, there are only single digits standing between me and the last day of exams.

9 days.

Yes. 9 days… It’s odd just how much power the upcoming 15 hours (5 exams x 3 hours each) have over my life. That’s not much if you really think about it. 15 hours? That’s less than a day! Of course, their effects have interesting ramifications on my path through Waterloo, so I better perform in those 15 hours.

That aside, the only other thing I really discovered (or had hit home) this morning was that dry measures are significantly different from liquid ones. Discovering that and scaling appropriately represented 20 minutes of work this morning. Key elements of the scene: Allen, a box of cereal, a 1/4 cup measuring spoon, a pen and a calculator. Just a superspectacular and unwelcome start to my day.

As soon as my exams are done I need to head out and find a dry measure.

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