Well, it finally happened. After years of Hazel McCallion’s acclaimed “zero percent property tax increase” in Mississauga, the tide has turned. What’s that? Council approved a 5.8% increase? Oh – and the cause? An aging city, slower growth, reduced development and building charges and escalating costs? Hmm. Sounds suspiciously like the steam’s running out of the development engine and you’re waking up to the costs of a city that’s sprawled like nobody’s business.

You must excuse me for indulging in this bit of schadenfreude…

Truth is though, that Mississauga is probably the best managed city in Canada – no debt, strong mayor, reasonable transit system. If they’re facing issues like this, then cities like Brampton, which depend in a large part on continuing development of suburban sprawl are going to be hit a lot harder.

A lot harder.


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