First Day


Waterloo students started on the 3rd (I believe). Most people in the rat-race started yesterday. I however, started today.

What with a 1hour 10min commute (each way) using 3 different modes of transportation (car, train and good ol’ 2 feet) and long work days, my time to myself has been compressed significantly. Is it normal or is it just my shock after the holidays? I suspect a bit of both…

At any rate, I realize that this work term will involve a lot of picking and choosing – the extent of which will be determined on a day to day basis. One day I’ll be able to write long, detailed entries. Another I’ll be able to actually reply in-depth to email. On a third I’ll be able to photograph and maybe some time in there I’ll be able to squeeze in some time roaming the city ;-)

We’ll see how it turns out. After all, it is my first day after all.

Oh…and on the photography front – rumor has it that Nikon will introduce an updated version of the D70 next week (with a little more punch). I’m curious to see what that means and how soon it makes it to deals. And on another note, I’d planned to write a detailed entry on photography – but that’ll have to wait for those “long entry days”. Today was definitely a “reply to email” day.

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